DYW project – finished

Today, after 2 years of cooperation we successfully could close our project. Finally – because of pandemic situation – we had to modify our plans, aims, activities and outputs but fortunately we’ve created some more products useful for all beneficiaries.

Our the most important results are:

  • You worker guide – textbook in 4 languages: ENG, PL, ES, IT; innovative training pathway with new technologies, digital and development of professional skills;
  • Digital Enteprise Workshop – online course and dedicated materials for youth workers, trainers, there will be also teacher’s notes & teaching vlogs /videos. All materials are in 4 languages: ENG, PL, ES, IT.
  • 27 young people in disadvantaged increased set of skills, confidence and integration in society and labour market;
  • 4 youth workers increased skills in project topic;
  • Students’ handbook for 3 modules: Coaching, Communication and Changes – all in English and Polish;
  • 2 Transnational Project Meeting and 5 coordinators’ online meeting during pandemic;
  • 1 Facebook fanpage

and many soft skills, relations and memories for rest of our life.

These and all other results you’ll find on Erasmus+ Dissemination Platform

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