Borderland without barriers

„Pogranicze bez barier” is a non-governmental organization which was initially created to enable blind people and partially sighted people mountain hiking. We also work with disabled people helping them in an active way of spending their free time during biking, mountain hiking or skiing. We work with teenagers endangered with exclusion as well. We help them in entering the labour market through developing their soft skills, we show them how the first impression is important in the case of seeking a job and during the interview. We try to develop their self-confidence and make them believe in their skills. We want to activate people who are unemployed for a long time and disabled people. Our aim is to educate and to promote occupational activity and entrepreneurship what prevent young people from social exclusion. We also want to promote local jobs and craft. We create projects connected with the activation of young people on a labour market through creating the right attitude to work. We want to make them as dutiful employee and to focus on their personal and vocational development. We also want to encourage teenagers to work for disabled people what makes them more sensible for other people needs. The Foundations also creates mountain trails adjusted for disabled people and promote hiking and skiing what activate those people. Through the promotion of local craft we want to make work places and support the local development and industry, we also promote the international vocational mobility. We operate as a foundation since 2014. However our ideas started maturing long before. 

The NGO organizes sports and recreation camps especially for young people from rural areas and for disabled people. The main aim of this undertaking was to break down obstacles for visually impaired and to make mountain tourism possible for them. Marking of a specifically adapted trail benefited not only to the people with disabilities but also to the able-bodied ones. We should also see in this a unique way of promoting the region. In 2014 the Foundation concentrated on what is the most important – rising awareness of the problems we want to solve and learning from the experience of others. In this aim we conducted a series of meetings between volunteers and visually impaired from France and Poland. 2015 is for us the time for training and working on our internet website within the project Window on the world and implementation of a big project under the name Be for others is to be for real. The aim of the second project is to create the conditions for cycling as well as mountain tourism for visually impaired children and youth, and that, among others, thanks to innovative devices and an application which was successfully used in other parts of the world.

We are a group of people strongly oriented towards bringing positive change to the world which surrounds us, therefore already today we are working on new project and partnerships. Our volunteers are people devoted to work for others. They are experienced in working with people with disabilities and they are also experienced in creating local projects and Erasmus+ projects. All those projects involve using digital competences. The staff also speaks foreign languages.

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