TU F1RST is a non-profit organization and VET training provider working together with different Schools, Youth and other Cultural Associations, Educational institutions, Adult Education centres, the council in Lanciano and over 80 private companies in the Abruzzo, Central Italy region. TU F1RST offers training and coaching to trainers and teachers and young people, industry and educational needs. They create coaching courses to overcome difficult situations and achieve outcomes and goals by using a SMILE (structure, motivation, innovation, long term objective, enthusiasm) coaching system and bridge the world of education and industry and overcome difficult situations. I-VET involves technical training in Law, Marketing, Social Media, Media, Sport and also language training, motivation, time management, intercultural awareness, behavioral training, transformation training, life coaching, entrepreneurial skills and employability skills development. They also want to give an answer to new class-room problems therefore have created coaching, managing difficult situations, managing an intercultural environment, entre/Intrapreneurial skills and orientation skills for trainers courses. They have different courses on Motivation, Transformational Training and Coaching, CV (also video) and Interview Preparation, Intercultural Awareness and Employability, Teacher Training, Entrepreneurial Skills Development, International Trade Development and Digital Content Creation. The partners have developed new professions into training curricula like Museum Mediator and Vloggers, this is a dual training path where professional figures are created using work-base and student based methodology with real industry needs and links. The courses are transformational courses and develop work-based skills and soft-skills into industry required professionals. The staff has hosted conventions, presentations and discussions and are effective at dissemination of intermediate and final reports. They are effective and experienced in the challenges of participant preparation and training, identifying and matching placements and mentoring and group management and in how to evaluate and accredit results using EQF, Europass and ECVET. Together with other partners in the UK and Spain they have created a best practice for Mobilities which uses the ECVET system. 

TU F1RST members have been active with the LLP program, like Leonardo Mobility (VET and PLM) as hosts since 2004 and have worked with MAREA (Germany), JOBBS(Poland), ZNI (Slovenia), AA4E (UK) and have worked with the Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility project from 2014/15/16/17 VTEC & Creative Consortia (UK), ALJARAFE EN EUROPA and Movilidad de las Personas por motivos deaprendizaje (Spain), ACTO (ITALY), DEEM, WB-TAC (KA2), Children’s mission (KA2 School), The Museum Mediator (Italy KA1 +2) and the Vloggers project (Italy) and KA2 project DEEM, WB-TAC and children’s mission. 

TU F1RST is a link between formal training and informal training, it creates a link between training and work. It has created a training program that will include lessons on how to create effective CVs (also video CVs), how to present yourself for job interviews, how to answer interview questions, body language for meetings and job interviews, communication skills, intrapreneurial skills, e-marketing and give all participants the soft skills and non-formal skills which are getting more important in a competitive market. TU F1RST works together with their network of companies to help people become more employable and giving the them soft and non-formal skills to become Entrepreneurial minded and more employable. The key staff are able to and have been working with ECVET Units to make sure the Skills, Knowledge and Competences of the individuals are enhanced and the objectives set are met. All members speak English and Italian, well-travelled and experienced in cultural differences in life, we also have German, Spanish and Polish speakers. There are 7 permanent members, collaborating trainers and a network of 10 freelancers. 

The founding partners of TU F1RST have been active in education and training since 1999 for students of all ages, from pre-school to Directors in industry. They offer work-based and student based training and aim to bridge the educational world with the working world. They members of TU F1rst have a long and successful track record in Mobility projects through many European countries. The Founding Partners of TU F1RST are involved in other transnational and on-going projects (KA1 and KA2 Erasmus Partnership, Changemarker, Garanzia Giovani), which have partners in Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, UK, Lithuania, Portugal and Germany. TU F1RST have the skill to provide information on cultural differences and inclusion, employability and entrepreneurial skill development, also they know how to manage projects also on a European Level (KA1, KA2), and work with tools like Europass, Youthpass, ECVET, EQF and Mobility tools and use the quality system EQAVET. TU F1RST founding partners are qualified trainers and coachers, they are mentors and entrepreneurs and are multi-lingual.


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