Inercia Digital

Inercia Digital is a young Andalusian social enterprise, established in 2012, with European-wide outlets, focused on e-learning and e-business. Despite being a small size company, we have an international ambition and appealing experience, seeking to foster training in digital skills in Europe, both for organizations and entrepreneurs. Therefore, our vision is to become a social company of reference in Europe devoted to the training in digital skills for the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship. The E-Learning solutions that we offer are contextualized to the needs of our customers in an environment of collaboration and respect in order to ensure the optimization of the professional performance and training. This is supported by a Pedagogical and Technological Know- How that contributes to the development of a creative educational process. In this sense, this company offers some programmes and online courses specialised on both pedagogical and technological skills – for organizations and entrepreneurs- accessible through its Virtual Campus, which has been approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia as a Virtual Training Centre for Employment, along with an award for Inercia Digital as a Collaborative Entity in Training for Employment in the discipline of e-learning. Inercia Digital employs E-Learning as an educational training process, so that it entails the attention to both areas: the Pedagogical and the Technological, while accepting technologies both as support and tool within the whole process. For this reason, Inercia Digital brings together specialists and experts of these two main areas in order to offer a truly comprehensive knowledge. Therefore, its trainings are always supported by appropriate educational strategies and the proper use of technologies. Cooperating with different strategic partners, Inercia Digital has developed several training programs in order to address those specific needs of organizations and entrepreneurs. E-Teaching is the program about training online tutors/mentors and digital trainers. It is one of Inercia Digital’s specialities, and it owns the Certificate of Proficiency of Teaching Professionalism of Vocational Training for Employment (SSCE0110) which has been approved by the Andalusian Employment Service, as well as its speciality of Virtual Tutorial for Online Training (SSCE01A). Inercia Digital has several specialised courses in the following training areas e-business, web entrepreneurship and e-learning: 

– E-BUSINESS – Electronic commerce for SMEs (e-commerce): B2C, B2B, C2C; Electronic relationships among SMEs: B2E, B2A / C2A and teleworking; Online sales platforms(Virtual Stores); SMEs’ e-commerce internationalisation; Online marketing for SMEs; ERP and CRM systems. Business intelligence (BI). 

– WEB ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Online business models, Preparation of innovative Business Plan; Support for an innovation cycle starting with business ideas or market needs; Cloud Computing Model for SMEs; Design, creation and Web Business Analytics; Office automation 2.0: Digital SME program 

– E-LEARNING – Design and development of online learning platforms; Training of trainers in e- learning; Preparation, design and content adaptive e-learning; Virtual tutoring projects and courses.

Inercia Digital has been developing a serial of training programmes in order to address specific needs of specialization in ICT for teachers, and has promoted the use of digital competences at the school for staff and students. Inercia Digital is specialized in the implementation of e-learning platforms: Learning Management Systems (LMS). Its mission is to design the right solution in the field of educational technology for each of the training needs of its customers. Inercia Digital specialized workers in implementing, customizing and making improvements on Moodle platforms. This company helps in launching platforms to manage e-learning and blended learning programmes, as well as to create virtual learning communities. Based on its expertise area, during the last two years is has created and lead websites and learning modules for education institutions/providers (such as schools, adult education centres, VET, etc.), in order to integrate ICT in their daily activities while training them on digital competences and web tools, e-learning, virtual opportunities and collaborative learning. In addition, Inercia Digital has International and European experience, inside and outside the Erasmus+ Programme. It has worked on managing the projects as well as developing them.

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